Native Movement Alaska

Based out of Fairbanks, Alaska. We are dedicated to building people power, grounded in Indigenous values, for the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth and all her living beings. 


Focus Areas

Just Transition Alaska: building the path toward more whole & healthy communities.

Defend the Sacred lands, waters, and future generations.

Healing & Uplifting Place-based Indigenous Knowledge.



Wear the Message & support community organizing work

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100% of the proceeds from these shirts (after costs) goes directly into supporting the Alaska-based organizing efforts to elevate Alaskan voices for the protection of the Arctic Refuge! Your support here most directly supports the collaborative work between Defend The Sacred AK, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, Native Movement AK, and the Gwich'in Steering Committee.


A message from Alaska Native young leaders

Just Transition Alaska!

Just Transition means a fair and equitable shift to a Regenerative Economy -- an economy that is in alignment with what the earth can regenerate and that ensured equity, dignity and justice for all.

As Alaskans we are at a critical time, an economy dependent on oil and gas development has caused a sharp and severe decline in the State's budget. In addition, we are feeling the very real effects of climate change due to the continuous extraction and burning of fossil fuels. The time is now to transition to a regenerative economy. Indigenous knowledge and worldview is key to this transition. 


For more on the history of Alaska and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), check out this great 10-minute piece by AJ+

Some Photos of our recent work

Meet Native Movement's ALASKA ADVISORY BOARD. 

This team is currently helping to shape our Alaska-based work.