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Based out of Fairbanks, Alaska. We are dedicated to building people power, grounded in Indigenous organizing frameworks, for the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth and all her living beings. 

Just Transition Alaska

Just Transition means a fair and equitable shift to a Regenerative Economy -- an economy that is in alignment with what the earth can regenerate and that ensured equity, dignity and justice for all.

As Alaskans we are at a critical time, an economy dependent on oil and gas development has caused a sharp and severe decline in the State's budget. In addition, we are feeling the very real effects of climate change due to the continuous extraction and burning of fossil fuels. The time is now to transition to a regenerative economy.


We are being called to use our innovative spirit to transition our communities and to recognize that Indigenous knowledge and worldview is key to this transition. 


Wear the Message & Call Your Legislators!

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100% of the proceeds from these shirts goes directly into supporting the Alaska-based organizing efforts to elevate Alaskan voices for the protection of the Arctic Refuge! Your support here most directly supports the collaborative work between Defend The Sacred AK, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, Native Movement AK, and the Gwich'in Steering Committee.



The time is now to OPPOSE the Federal Tax Reform Bill and any Federal Budget that includes opening the Arctic Refuge to oil and gas development. PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS, oppose the turning of our Arctic National Wildlife Refuge into an oil field so the wealthy can get tax cuts.

On November 15th, 2017 the US Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee passed legislative rider that moves oil and natural gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge into a the federal tax-reform bill. In an overnight mark-up, Senator Murkowski changed the PURPOSE of the Arctic Refuge's 1002 area, from wildlife protection to the development of oil and gas programs.

Senate committee democrats offered a number of amendments, from ensuring development would not happen if any environmental harm were found, to supporting renewable energy in the Refuge, to getting rid of tax breaks for the five major oil companies. However, Chairman Murkowski and committee republicans opposed all the democrat amendments. The legislation passed 13 to 10 along party lines. By this vote the opening of the Refuge moves officially into the Tax Reform bill, attached to the Federal Budget.

As Alaskans we thank the U.S. Senators who opposed opening the Refuge to oil and gas drilling. We thank all our fellow citizens who are calling and writing their senators and representatives, it is you all who have brought people power to the halls of our legislature.


A message from Alaska Native young leaders


A great piece below by AJ+ about the impact of opening the Arctic Refuge to oil and gas development. 

For more on the history of Alaska and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), check out this great 10-minute piece by AJ+ that was recently released.

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Meet Native Movement's ALASKA ADVISORY BOARD. 

This team is currently helping to shape our Alaska-based work.