Native Movement's Alaska Advisory Board


Doreen (Nutaaq) simMonds

Nutaaq has seen 70 winters. "But I feel younger than when I was 19. I gave birth to two sons and a daughter and adopted my sister's boy. I have 13 joyous grandkids and one great granddaughter." I also care deeply for our Mother Earth and want to do what I can to help keep her clean and safe. We are all her family.


Adrienne Blatchford


Bernadette Demientieff

Bernadette is First Nations Gwich’in from Fort Yukon. She is the executive director for the Gwich’in Steering Committee and stands firm on her commitment to protecting Mother Earth. Her grandmother Marsis Moses is from Old Crow YT Canada and her grandfather Daniel Horace is from Fort Yukon Alaska. "I am committed to bringing unity back to our people, to stand with honor and integrity in being proud of who we are."


Christina Edwin

Christina is Dene and Latina. As an Indigenous Woman she is truly invested in an organizing practice that is holistic. She studies discourses on social justice, Indigenous rights and knowledge systems, and environmental justice. She will be graduating from UAF with a Bachelors of Arts in Rural Development and a minor in Alaska Native Languages in the Spring of 2018. She has worked locally, regionally, and nationally on grassroots campaigns to advocate for community-driven Just Transition solutions based on Indigenous world-views. She enjoys dancing, yoga, and cooking traditional foods.


Esau Sinnok


Malinda Chase


Misty Nickoli

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Dazhraii (Princess) Johnson


Samuel johns


Arlo Davis