Building positive and healing change through transformative culturally-based leadership program

We are working to make space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizing, critical thinking, and collective growth. We endeavor to make space for traditional knowledge and cultural practice in supporting social change. We emphasize awareness of self and environment rooted in under-standings of interconnection and interdependence. We strive to adhere to the traditional values of our peoples as we move forward with our work.

Our trainings and summits vary in length and content however our core model focuses on building leadership through responsibility to community and utilizing effective strategies grounded in Indigenous knowledge and decolonizing frameworks.

Understanding hegemonic power structures of colonialism, institutional racism, class, gender, and political-economic systems is necessary theoretical groundwork for community organizing to succeed. We delve into decolonizing strategies and practices and strive to bring them into the entirety of our lives and work.


July 2017 "Northern Organizers Summit" at Howard Luke's Camp on the Tanana River, Alaska. This camp was carried out in partnership with the Gwichin Steering Committee and the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, with training support from Movement Generation and IP3.


6 Months of Community Trainings

Alliance Building Trainings

Native Organizers Training

Arctic Indigenous Leadership Institutes