Meet Native Movement's Summer Intern: Rachael Qimalleq Teter

This summer, Native Movement hired four interns who are passionate about social and environmental justice and who want to build grassroots organizing and nonprofit management skills. We are excited to introduce you to a group of highly driven and skilled individuals through blog pieces.

Today, we are highlighting Rachael Qimalleq Teter, who is working in our Fairbanks office. Wondering who the other interns are? Follow our blog! We will be sharing new short introductions written by each intern in the next couple of weeks.

Fall time.jpg

My name is Rachael Qimalleq Teter. I’m Yup’ik from St. Mary’s, Alaska and currently live in Fairbanks, Alaska where I study math at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I’m on my way to becoming a high school teacher. My goal is to be a positive role model for those who are underrepresented in their fields. I hope to be an advocate, to share concerns to politicians and to also efficiently communicate politics to the concerned.

I’m excited to be working alongside and to learn from the strong team of women at Native Movement who are advocating for healthy communities. The values Native Movement was built upon are values I aspire to carry out every day.  As a Yup’ik woman in the STEM field, I’m often surrounded by many who don’t share my background or experiences. At Native Movement, I feel a sense of belonging amongst the team. Knowing that we are all working for our people and come from a place of shared experiences is empowering on so many levels.

Apart from school, I’m involved in various organizations dedicated to strengthening our Alaska Native peoples and aim to be a positive role model for future generations. In my spare time, I enjoy beading, dancing, and adventuring. Overall, I hope to continue learning and stay grounded in identity and Indigenous values.