Founded in 2003 out of Arctic Village, Alaska, Native Movement's initial campaign was to help build a collective Alaska Native voice for the recognition of Indigenous hunting and fishing rights. By 2007 Native Movement had become formally incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit and grown to a west-coast collective. Since then Native Movement has provided leadership and support for grassroots-led projects that endeavor to ensure Indigenous Peoples’ rights, the rights of Mother Earth, and the building of healthy & sustainable communities for all. 

Past Events

Shirt Design Winner

“I wanted to depict the sacredness of women for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Every single one of us is born from a woman, and the female guardian of the Earth is one of our greatest teachers. The female guardian has a labret piercing, which for my people depicted womanhood, status, and wealth.” - Maka Monture Päki

Maka Monture Päki, photograph by Amy Bell

Maka Monture Päki, photograph by Amy Bell

Maka is an Indigenous author, campaigner, scholar, storyteller, poet, and ceremonial performer from southeast Alaska. Of Tlingit (Łingit), Mohawk, Filipina, and Canadian Kanien'kehá:ka decent, she was born in Anchorage and is from Yakutat, of the Raven moiety, Copper River Clan, House of the Owl. Her Tlingit name is Keixé Yaxtí meaning “Morning Star.”

Maka resides in Anchorage, Alaska, where she dedicates her personal and professional time to environmental and social advocacy on behalf of Indigenous and non-indigenous youth and women. She expresses her thoughts and opinions on topics such as social justice and Indigenous rights through poetry, fashion, photography, and writing.

Our communities have so much talent! The design by Maka embodies respect, justice, and collective action.

Thank you for attending our people power Art Show!

On June 1st Native Movement and Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition hosted the “Power People Art Show” to celebrate & uplift local artists.

Art Show Flier.jpg

During this art show, FCAC revealed the winning artist, Leila Pyle who created their new logo, and Native Movement highlighted and revealed the winning design featured on our new apparel by Maka Monture Päki! There was art by local visual artists, live music, and spoken word performances.

Thank you to the Fairbanks community for helping us uplift and celebrate local artists and enjoying a fun night together! And thanks to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner for capturing some of the evenings celebrations!

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